Nadeem Rather – PhD Student

Nadeem has been pursuing his doctoral research within the Wireless Sensor Networks Group at Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork, Ireland since 2020, under the guidance of Dr. Brendan O’Flynn, Dr. John Buckley, Dr. Salvatore Tedesco, and Roy. His research focuses on developing advanced AI algorithms and innovative techniques for enhancing the performance and efficiency of RFID systems. Nadeem’s contributions also extend to the design of RF antennas tailored for wearable health monitoring applications. Nadeem holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, specializing in Electronics and Communication, and a Master’s degree in Engineering, with a focus on Communication Systems. Additionally, he possesses extensive industry and research experience, enriching his expertise in the field.


Throughout his doctoral journey, Nadeem’s contributions have been recognized through notable accolades. He was honoured with the Postgraduate Publication of the Year 2020 award at Tyndall National Institute. Furthermore, his research paper secured the first place in the Best Student Research Paper category at the International Workshop on Antenna Technology 2021. Additionally, Nadeem’s research work was acknowledged with the Best Demonstration award at the VistaMilk conference 2023, highlighting the practical impact of his innovative solutions.


In addition to his research endeavours, Nadeem plays a vital role as Vice Chair of the Tyndall Early Career Researchers Network, affiliated with the Young European Associated Researchers network. In this capacity, he passionately promotes collaboration and knowledge exchange among fellow researchers, actively contributing to the growth and advancement of the scientific community.