Holistics Research Approach

Our research journey is multidisciplinary, bridging the fields of electromagnetics, electronics, materials, mechanics, biology, and AI. It encompasses diverse activities, from the meticulous synthesis, characterization and modelling of materials to the creative design, prototyping, and characterization of antennas and sensors. We are also driven to integrate these innovations into real-world wireless systems.

Primary Research Themes

Non Traditional Materials and Fabrications for Advanced Antennas and Sensors

PDMS-Fabric Composite

E-textile Embroidery

Laser-Induced Graphene

Sustainable Materials

Water-PDMS-Fabric Composite

Inkjet/Screen Printing

Transition Metal Oxides

High-Performance Flexible Antennas and Sensors

Dual-Band Dual-Mode Antenna

Multifunctional LIG Sensor

Band-Notched UWB Antenna with
Monopolar Radiation

Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna

High-Order Mode Circular
Patch Antenna

Broadside-Monopolar Pattern
Reconfigurable Antenna

Optically Transparent Antennas and Sensors

Circularly Polarized (CP)
RFID Tag Antenna

Dual-Band Antenna

Metasurface-Enabled Broadband CP Antenna

Frequency Reconfigurable Unidirectional Antenna with Water Reflector

Capacitive Strain Sensor

Epidermal Loop Antenna

Epidermal Electronics

Arm-Worn Wireless Health Monitoring System

Battery-less Wireless Communication and Sensing Systems

NFC Sensor Node for IoT Applications

AI-assisted Chipless RFID Sensing System for Reliable IoT Applications